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Manage the projects technical debt

Infoscope establishes a powerful, reliable and entirely customizable scoreboard which permits to automate the collect, analysis, modeling and diffusion of measurement data representing the software quality.


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Software apps represent an increasing part of the businesses assets. Thus, their quality and performance levels must be subject to an evaluation and an adapted control, wherever it occurs in development, acquisition or maintenance phases. The IT business actors face then a double requirement:
• To acquire more maturity in their projects management methods,
• And to organize the information mass produced by the measurement and evaluation tools from those projects to create relevant and exploitable indicators.

The Infoscope solution

Infoscope has been conceived to answer specifically to this challenge by offering a Business Intelligence solution applied to the control of software projects.

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  • Global and objective vision of projects’ quality
  • Early detection of defects
  • Optimized projects control
  • Good practices institutionalization via a common shared repository
  • Facilitated collaboration within the teams


  • Normalized and automatized checkpoints
  • Turnkey models available to perform a technical debt analysis
  • Reinforcement of quality data generated by various tools all along the project’s life cycle
  • Benchmarks based on fast decision-making
  • Possibility to compare the results with other projects
  • Generation of optimized and project-adapted improvement plans

Diagnose the quality of the applications

Whether it is as part of procurement, development or maintenance, Infoscope allows you to measure the quality of an application:

  • The applications are automatically estimated according to normalized criteria such as maintainability, performance, robustness, portability, functional capacity…
  • Several evaluation models coming from international standards (ISO/IEC 9126, SQALE, HIS, GSWS…) are natively supported. They can be adapted according to each project’s specificities.
  • The multi-role scoreboard offers a synthetic view of the key indicators and highlights the risk factors.
  • The information is accessible in 3 clicks, from the global project note to the identification of the code line that requires a correction.
  • Data historization allows the follow-up of the quality indicators evolution over the deliveries and helps to anticipate the drifts.

Industrialization of code audits

Infoscope automatizes the code audits and highlights the non-compliances from a set of predefined rules.

  • Integrated Analyzers of source code are available for the projects written in the following languages… they allows complexity measurements, programing rules check, clones detection…
  • For each language a set of specific rules is supplied. Those rules can be enriched or adapted depending on each project specificities.
  • The integration of clearly identified rules participates in the developer training and leads to quality improvement.
  • The Web interface allows the users to consult the detail of each anomaly raised and to visualize the associated source code.
  • The third party data tools aperture allows to enrich the analysis and to reinforce the evaluation relevance: programming rules verifiers, dynamic analyzers, technical facts managers, configuration management tools, requirements management and test tools…

Projects control and action plans conception

Beyond a metric and shared vision on applicative quality, Infoscope allows the automatic generation of quality improvement plans.

  • The information variety generated all along the quality process is automatically treated in order to identify the critical failures.
  • The decision engine Infoscope, once associated to a mastered quality evaluation model, allows you to determine automatically the priority actions to undertake in order to reduce the technical debt.
  • The selection of critical defaults allows you to build, based on factual elements, the ideal “to-do list” adapted to project constraints. Infoscope interfaces itself with the greatest variety of change management tools in order to enrich automatically the developer’s backlog.

The concept of technical debt

With its simplicity and its convenience of implementation, the concept of technical debt has quickly become a benchmark indicator for the control of software project’s control. Infoscope integrates the technical debt in its project monitoring indicators and offers in its actions plans the refactoring priorities for a fast and least cost debt reduction.

  • A turnkey solution analysis model and standardized control points to measure and control the developments quality: technical debt calculation and follow-up based on a standardized calculation method: SQALE (Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations).
  • Ease of understanding by all the actors on the project thanks to a clear and precise scoring system: A, B, C, D scoring + numerical estimate per man-day, in currency…
  • Quick identification of risks and quality issues within a project portfolio, thanks to a drill-down analysis made in quality characteristics or in artefacts such as project, package, method or function.
  • Indicators can be enriched with other data than sources e.g. project requirements taken into account, documentation quality, test campaigns import…
  • Generation of action plans optimized to reduce in effective and objective way the technical debt of your projects, depending on your priorities.

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