Ultra-performance for DB2®

InfoUtil is a suite of software applications that ensures operational performance and data availability.

Your needs

  • Increasing numbers of critical applications require 24/7 availability of company data.
  • Loading, reloading, transferring and integrating increasing volumes of data is necessary and involves significant cost.
  • Developing very different applications (ERP, CRM etc.) requires converting data between heterogeneous environments.
  • Data additions, deletions and upgrades lead to quick disorganisation of tablespaces and DB2 indexspaces.
  • Significantly reducing processing time is becoming a major challenge.

The InfoUtil solution

InfoUtil is a suite of tools for DB2 with z/OS, the fastest on the market. Easy to use, InfoUtil is 100 % compatible with the syntax of standard IBM utilities and thus preserves initial investments. InfoUtil reduces processing times by a factor of up to 10 with respect to standard products, and offers an additional set of functionalities for greater operating flexibility.


  • Schedule only useful tasks
  • Increase data availability
  • Free time for your DBAs
  • Ultra-performant utilities included in the standard IBM system
  • Display metrics on the database status


  • Smart and transparent utility planning
  • Application costs analysis
  • On or offline reorganization
  • Synchronous or asynchronous backup
  • Data loading and unloading

InfoLoad – Ultra fast loading of DB2® tables

  • The fastest loading tools.
  • Reduces unloading costs by reducing CPU consumption and the number of I / O.
  • Loading possible using a Full Image Copy (FIC).
  • Reduces disk space allocated to temporary files.
  • Increases compression gains.

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InfoUnload – Ultra fast unloading of DB2® tables

  • The fastest unloading tool.
  • Increased data availability.
  • Reduces loading costs through CPU consumption and number of I / O.
  • Unloading possible using a Full Image Copy (FIC).
  • Selectively unloads required data and reduces the number of sorting operations.
  • Large number of conversion routines to supply non-DB2 environments.
  • More than one unloading operations in parallel in a single read operation.

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InfoReorg – Ultra fast reorganisation of DB2® tables

  • The fastest reorganisation tool.
  • All processes take place in parallel mode.
  • Dynamically allocates the freespace surrounding the accumulation points thus reducing
    subsequent reorganisation needs.
  • Improves application performances by authorising more frequent reorganisations or by
    performing reorganisations that have become almost impossible.
  • Reduces loading costs through reduced CPU consumption and number of I/Os.
  • Automatically allocates and optimises the work space needed for reorganisations

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