More than two billions archived documents

Arcsys is the standard solution for electronic archiving of sensitive data and large volumes.

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Gains in productivity, processing time and the risk of loss have prompted companies to turn to Web-based solutions for their communications and data exchanges. This gives rise to new problems linked to the retention, organisation and evidentiary value of digital data.

The Arcsys solution

Arcsys software provides a global solution for all organisations requiring an archiving platform that is sustainable and secure for its electronic data. Arcsys guarantees the retention of all information and provides search and restoration functions for data from previous years.


  • Archiving of large volumes of data
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Multi-criteria searches
  • An open system without technological subscription
  • Electronic vault
  • Compliance with major archiving standards: ISO 9660, UDF, ISO 14721, OAIS, NF Z 42-012, DTD EAD, Moreq 2…


  • Records Traceability
  • Internal or external timestamping
  • Electronic signature of records
  • Configurable indexing and storage rules
  • Access permissions management
  • Integrity checks and automatic readability

Archiving all databg_data

Arcsys offers a unique interface to manage archiving of all types of applications and all types of records.

  • From mainframe to desktop files, to messaging, letters, ERPs and databases; all types of data can be archived.
  • Heterogeneous data is reorganised and archived in functionally coherent lots.
  • You can enter information manually or via automatic processing using connectors interfacing with deposit applications (ERP, CRM, messaging, etc.) and the Arcsys archiving system.
  • A complete set of API and web services create specific connectors according to company needs.

Record classification and browsingbg_classement

As it is the basis of all archiving systems, the classification scheme must guarantee fast data searches.

  • Arcsys allocates a classification scheme to each record collection.
  • The associated indexes and rules are defined according to the needs of core business, and according to which the searches will subsequently be performed.
  • Arcsys technology provides multi-criteria searches based on the classification scheme, or a plain text search based on document content.
  • A Web interface for searching, archiving and restoring is provided in standard mode, along with a set of APIs to create customised interfaces.
  • For recent or important records, Arcsys provides online viewing of archived documents via the web interface.

Sustainable archivingbg_clock

Designed to last, Arcsys ensures long-term retention of data and guarantees restoration to its original state.

  • Every record is associated with a storage policy that defines the media used and their location, as well as the number of copies and retention periods.
  • Arcsys automatically manages all necessary processing for the implementation of storage policies: copies, storage media migration, etc.
  • Demonstrating its sustainability, Arcsys relies on standard technologies and offers a number of alternatives for each module. For example, the software is portable from one environment to another (Unix, Linux, Windows, z/O, etc.), and compatible with most DBMS (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.).
  • Arcsys supports all storage technologies on the market, whether online or nearline or offline.
  • Storage media is automatically checked to identify readability problems and replace defective media.

Evidentiary value archivingbg_certif

Arcsys complies with the legal constraints and regulations of evidentiary value archiving. Arcsys technology provides the necessary evidence for judicial acceptance of electronic archived information.

  • Automatic calculation and storage of the archive hash ensures the integrity of retained data. Various cryptographic algorithms are available (MD5, SHA-1 to SHA-512).
  • All actions on records are automatically recorded to ensure complete traceability of the data life cycle.
  • System timestamping can be certified by an independent authority. (protocol RFC 3161).
  • Records are stored with their electronic signatures and their descriptions and keywords in a non-proprietary XML format. Records are thus self-describing and independent of the archiving solution.
  • With modifiable access rights, users can authenticate and manage the company’s permissions (LDAP, Kerberos, etc.).

More than a billion archived documents

The expert solution for electronic archiving of senstive data and large volumes

Arcsys, The expert solution for electronic archiving of senstive data and large volumes – pdf


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