Big Data 360

Big Data 360: Global solution for your big data strategy

Exploit your big data potential and boost your IT system with our Big Data 360 solution.

Big Data, a strategic bet in your digital transformation

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Your needs

In order to make the right decisions and adjust your strategy, you need to analyse a vast quantity of data in different formats and from several sources (Internet, mail, mobile, RFID, GPS, SMS, SMTP, XML, Open Data, archived files, HTML, scientific research…) as quickly as possible. Quickly adapting and implementing an IT system capable of integrating the company’s data is one of the keys to success in many organisations in recent years.
Big data technologies are essential for exploiting that data today and in the future.

Nowadays your priorities lie in:

  • Analysing vast quantities of data in a shorter tim…
  • Instantly search in your knowledge database
  • Building a mixed data repository over time
  • Reducing costs by integrating your management, dec…

Converting big data into the heart of your IT system to create new opportunities

Converting big data into the heart of your IT system to create new opportunities. We produce more and more data every day and we need to know how to capture, maintain and exploit it. Big data projects answer this business need.

Infotel offers a global solution for your big data strategy

Traingin and consulting

  • Technical consulting
  • Guidance in choosing the right solution
  • System design
  • DTwo big data service desks in France:Paris et Sophia Antipolis

Your problem, our solutions


  • Train your employees in big data technologies
  • Start big data projects with customised methods adapted to your business requirements

Data Acquisition

  • Get all the data you need fast
  • Make decisions quickly based on vast volumes of data from multiple sources
  • Exploit data affecting processes, slowing your organisation’s activity
  • Interpret unstructured data in a shorter time


  • Scale by targeting the Cloud / supported by your data centre
  • Establish a new architecture standard / create continuity in your infrastructure
  • Implement new infrastructure solutions based on attested solutions: MongDB, Oracle, EMC, Redhat and IBM

Intelligent search

  • Find the right information among unstructured data
  • Identify key elements in your data
  • Reduce your search index sizes and the associated costs
  • Search faster and more intelligently in your unstructured data


  • Organise and structure your data
  • Archive and ensure continuity of strategic data while maintaining integrity
  • Digitalise procedures


  • Provide high-powered, visual tools for assisting decision-making
  • Browse vast quantities of data to use untapped values to date (technical traces, …)
  • Connect your dashboards to your information system data with the corresponding display

Training: Understand and use big data technologies

Training objective

This training course is an intensive programme that enables you to understand the main big data components for enterprise IT systems in Java: MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Hadoop. It can be done as a standard course, or alternatively as in-house training (please consult), throughout France.

Feedback guaranteed!

This course is taught by our professional consultants using technologies associated with business standards and large-scale projects.

Feedback guaranteed!

Target audience

This course is for designers, Java JEE developers, engineers and operational project managers.
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Good working knowledge of Java programming and experience in software development.

Topics covered by the course

BigData traingin

Specific training on big data technologies

Big Data training feesThe course includes numerous practical exercises illustrating detailed concepts. These practical exercises involve analysis, design and programming and/or component configuration stages.

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Search Engine Optimization concept

  • Global vision of the information system
  • Expertise in managing complex, large-scale databas…
  • Knowledge of big data databases

Formation Big Data

  • Experts in big data technologies
  • Big data training

  • Big data strategies successfully implemented in our major customers
  • Privileged partner in helping major accounts develop their IT systems

Activité R&D

  • R&D in software and service activities
  • 30 experts in algorithms and data management, enabling complex applications to be developed

European Patent Office: DB2 migration to MongoDB

  • Heart of intellectual property information
  • NoSQL solution benchmark
  • Modelling
  • Implementation and migration (60Tb)
  • Production maintenance of the MongoDB cluster
  • Machine dimensioning
  • Integration in a SOA REST environment


EDF : Implementation of the Arcsys solution

  • Digitalisation of documents (500,000 invoices,…)
  • Archiving
  • Preservation
  • Evidential proof management
  • Storage management