Technical migration

Technical migration

La Banque Postale

For the IT Production Management of Banque Postale, Infotel participated in the migration of applications towards a multi-channel technology platform.

  • 160 servers
  • 75 applications affected

Banque Postale load and environment

  • Receipt of the packages supplied by the analysis and development service;
  • Analysis and validation of Qualification documents;
  • Execution of pre-production test plan;
  • Cutover in production of the applications on the new platform;
  • Adaptation and standardisation of batch commands;
  • Standardisation of supervision and operating documents;
  • Deployment, in parallel, of the Activity Recovery Plan (ARP);
  • The Qualification phase in pre-production enabled it to identify the majority of issues before cutover in production. The very low number of rollbacks during migration (3/75) attests to its success.
  • The team’s skill levels, as well as the industrialisation of the migration method, enabled periods of peak loads to be absorbed and any overall drift in delivery planning to be corrected.
  • Migration project bonus: standardisation in batch commands, supervision of WebSphere applications, and reduction in the amount of operating documentation.