Banking, Finance

Banking, Finance

Banking, Finance sector€ 62.2 million turnover in 2016

The French Banking sector is highly centralised sector with a few major but important players. French banks have made significant efforts to prove their stability, in a climate where several register a decline in their GNB. More than ever, reducing spending is imperative for French banks.

Using our expertise to respond to your issues

Infotel‘s organisation, based on agencies focused on core businesses, guarantees complementarity between functional and technical capabilities, where the architectures (functional and technical) of banking systems have a clear tendency to become increasingly complex.

Infotel is always at the forefront of technological evolutions in the market thanks to:

  • a culture of major systems in order to respond to the requirements of production IT systems.
  • strong functional capabilities enabling it to address “production factory” business requirements
  • early incorporation of open systems in order to guide banking clients towards multichannel distribution, and more specifically, the Internet,
  • creation, in the second half of 2012, of a competency and expertise centre for smartphone and tablet apps for the banking sector.

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