Our values

Infotel’s DNA is the key to its success

Combining values and competences


Our values


Quality is inseparable from our corporate culture Implementing a Quality system, followed by the entire Group, is a strategic focus to better manage our customer service initiatives. The Infotel Quality commitment means:


Being the best in its practices, core businesses, among its customers, in the technologies the Group has chosen to focus on, such as Web technologies and databases.

Human resources

The Infotel group today has reached a considerable size with more than 2,000 people (employees and subcontractors). People are at the heart of our activities and professional development is a priority.


For thirty years, the Infotel group has been led by its founders, who are still its main shareholders.


Infotel continues to prioritise sustained growth of its business activities.


Being close to customers, to their concerns in order to provide the best solution for their issues; Being close to employees, to ensure the best career progress possible.


Respecting customers and employees, respecting the rules, timings, commitments, the environment.


Knowing how to evolve, understanding new technologies, improving practices, tasks, procedures, management, permanently adapting to everything while still remaining true to our core values.


Our competences


Infotel has been at the forefront of technological innovation for more than 30 years, thanks to major investments in R&D. In 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015, the Group received the “Innovative Enterprise” status from Bpifrance.

Functional expertise

We offer our customers an advanced functional knowledge and an excellent command of complex projects.

Technical expertise

Attentive to needs and changes in the markets, Infotel adapts projects by taking the best from both consolidated and emerging technologies.

Understanding business needs

Our expertise enables us to tackle business issues found in companies from different sectors.

Management precision

Precision and transparency in our management are priority for Group.


Infotel guarantees quality implementation and long-term profitability.