Your career at Infotel

Your career at Infotel

Employee inductionIntegration

Your arrival in Infotel is a key moment. The induction stage is the opportunity to help you understand the Group’s culture and strategy. For that reason, you will be coached and guided in your new work environment. Together we will define your working guidelines and our mutual expectations. This shared learning is the start of a long collaboration.


Throughout your career at Infotel, you will be guided and coached on your progress. Each employee is supervised by a Sales Manager and a Technical Director.

We have a personalised coaching programme:

  • Supervision by your manager and your HR manager to ensure your competences are optimised
  • Regular progress meetings every month with the project director
  • Annual skills assessment


Career advancement

Infotel does everything possible to ensure your career progress. We promote excellence and encourage the upgrading of skills.

Irrespective of the business area chosen, two development elements are crucial:

  • Training, which is on-going throughout your career, and which we will provide, be it knowledge linked with enterprise systems, distributed architectures, and work stations
  • Career development: during regular interviews, we chart your career progress and find, together, the best path for success.

You are responsible for your career development!
You can expand your experience, you develop your competences and progress in your path. You can decide to take your career towards the technical side, management or sales.