Infotel recruits and trains the IT experts of the future

Enterprises will always need experts

CareersWe are recognised internationally as being experts in enterprise systems. From mobile technology to databases, we specialise in all technologies for major projects, from mainframe (z/OS, IMS, CICS, DB2/UDB, etc.) to application servers (Unix, XP, Java, Object, Tomcat, Websphere, etc.) as well as Web (PHP, XML, …) and mobile.

Our strategies are based on create teams where we seek to develop our dual expertise in enterprise systems/distributed architecture.

A wide range of activities and assignments, training and internal transfers, technology watch, a policy of quality and proximity to major international companies … At Infotel, everything contributes to maintaining the high level of expertise that our clients have come to expect from our engineers.

Professionals rather than job offers!

We are seek professionals! We are looking for comprehensive IT engineers and developers who are able to change easily from one assignment to another, and capable of merging management and architecture, design and development, business analysis and IT management. We are looking for open, creative people.

We perform projects for our clients, providing them with solutions, not just human resources. 60% of our activity is in service contracts, driving us to be dynamic and to constantly improve and grow. If you are open, competent, professional, adaptable, we have a place for you in the Infotel group.

What you are today is important.. Imagine what we could do together.